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Welcome to Credico Capital, your worldwide portal to import-credit finance. We furnish you with top-tier banking instruments utilizing a bespoke approach in order to ensure fulfillment of all your trade finance needs.

Our Commitment Our Commitment

Our Commitment

Whether you're faced with cash flow constraints or a keen desire to expand your business horizons while diversifying your options, Credico caters to you and is committed to the growth of your organization.

Our Key Role Our Key Role

Our Key Role

Credico's integral role is to assist you in forging key relationships with those international financial institutions that will provide the necessary instruments essential to your greater success.

International Trade Finance Company

Credico Capital is a Dubai based trade finance company that specializes in structuring complex trade transactions for a variety of stakeholders, including financial institutions, importers, and exporters. We utilize a wide array of trade finance instruments such as letters of credit and performance bonds to alleviate unnecessary risks and increase the clients’ liquid capital.

With trade desks in London and Dubai, our team composed of experienced banking professionals understand that providing trade finance in today’s erratic global market requires innovation and flexibility. From the initial moment of contact itself, our team will be on hand to guide you through the different stages of your deal, until the transaction is finalized.

Trade finance solutions we offer

Documentary Letter of Credit at Sight

It is a letter of credit that ensures prompt payment once the seller or the exporter fulfills all the requirements listed in the document

Documentary USANCE Letter of Credit

A type of letter of credit that provides the importer with a predetermined credit period to make the payment to the exporter

Standby Letter of Credit

An SBLC is a guarantee of payment made by a bank on behalf of its client. It is a facility that banks provide to ensure that the seller receives their payment if in case the client fails to meet the obligation

Letter of Guarantee

Similar to a SBLC, letter of guarantee is a financial instrument issued by a bank on behalf of its client who has entered into a contract with an exporter

Performance Bond

Also referred to as contract bond, it is a banking instrument that guarantees payment to an exporter once they fulfill the stipulations mentioned in the contract

How we work

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The Credico Advantage

At Credico, we aim to provide you with a platform to plug-in to a network of world-class banks and international financial institutions, so that you are empowered to go beyond the limitations of your local banks and creditors.

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