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Each year, the United Arab Emirates welcomes more than 20,000 small businesses to its economy. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, as the country has one of the fastest-growing economies and expat population in the world. Under such circumstances, it is evident that the UAE business environment is not a regional one but, in fact, a global entity. If you are an entrepreneur hoping to set up a new business establishment within the country, then we here at Credico Capital can help. Termed as “Project Green Light,” we seek to help clients to secure funding for their start-up business without any hassles.

Additionally, we also aim to help existing businesses who are primed for expansion but short on the necessary capital. Our team is composed of experts who thoroughly understand the unpredictable nature of the financial marketplace and can render solutions specific to your requirements. To know how Credico Capital can help to classify your business as an investment-grade entity, or to learn more about our services, call us on +971-4-521-7560.

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Flagship Services

Why Choose Our Flagship Services?

Our array of flagship services is aimed at helping high-net-worth individuals all over the world including the UAE. We utilize each of our available resources so as to help our clients in their wealth management and investment needs. Once you get in touch with our team, you’ll be directed to our flagship consultant who will assist you through all our available services. Irrespective of your situation, our representative will coordinate and develop a personalized plan that is perfectly suited to your needs. Listed are some of the other key benefits of opting for our Flagship service:

  • Access to hundreds of dividend-free exchange trade funds and no processing fees on mutual funds take from our financial partners.
  • Get expert advice from a professional financial planner. Our team can also help to answer any and all investment related queries.
  • Make use of the knowledge and expertise of specialists in areas such as trust management, and financial planning.